An efficient code review process for your team

While working on MergeBoard, we have gained insight into a variety of code review processes and were able to identify what differentiates an efficient code review workflow from a slow and broken one. We combined this knowledge with our own experience to create a workshop that helps software development teams get the most out of code reviews.

The workshops are tailored to the needs of your team and project. The goal is to interactively identify the pain points of your current workflow and provide actionable feedback.

Team members discussing.

Building Blocks

Our workshop is split into 4 blocks that guide your team towards an efficient code review process. We adjust the focus and intensity of these blocks based on the experience of your team.



The foundation for any successful code review is the right mindset. We help your team to see code reviews not as a way to criticize their work but as an opportunity to grow and become a better developer.

  • What are code reviews really about?
  • The benefits for the team
  • Your personal benefits
  • How to introduce code reviews


A code review process needs to fit the team to work well. Whether this is the case depends on many factors, like your software stack or release cycle. Together we will find the the optimal workflow.

  • When should you review code?
  • Who should review?
  • What should you look out for?
  • Rebase vs. Squash workflow


How developers communicate in code reviews is a major success factor. Poorly written feedback can lead to misunderstandings and spark conflicts. We therefore show your team how to communicate effectively and handle difficult situations well.

  • The correct order of addressing issues
  • Delivering feedback the right way
  • Avoiding typical pitfalls
    • Never ending feedback rounds
    • Merge requests don’t get reviewed
    • Heated discussions


An inefficient code review workflow does not only waste time and money but can also lead to frustration. In this block we identify ways how your team can minimize their time required to review code.

  • Automate where possible
    • static code analyzers / linters / CIs
    • code formatters
  • Self reviews
  • Secret of fast reviews
  • Efficient usage of tools (e.g. git)
People participating in a workshop

Empower Your Team

We offer our workshop as company internal training. The duration and focus will be tailored to the needs of your team. Whether you are just introducing code reviews or want to improve your current workflow, we can support you.

The workshop can either be held remotely or in-house if applicable. The price depends on the number of participants. We generally recommend to involve the whole team to interactively work on all pain points.

Schedule a free consulting call with us to identify your current challenges and outline a potential workshop plan.