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Complex Review Processes

Software development in an enterprise can be challenging: a large team of developers is working on the same project, and different processes such as advanced CI setups have been put in place to achieve high efficiency despite the complexity.

Many of the tools used are unfortunately not flexible enough to fully support these processes, resulting in custom developed solutions that are not well maintained. Code reviews tools play a major role here, as they often interact with many different systems such as CIs, issue trackers or static code analyzers.

Since developers spend about 5 hours per week on code reviews, an inefficient process can quickly slow down the software development progress.

  • Complex processes and setups
  • Tools don't adapt to custom processes
  • Inefficient code reviews have a major impact

A Review Tool For Your Needs

Faster Reviews
Review 22% fewer lines of code on average! Our unique change visualization hides changes that don't affect the program flow, so you can focus on what's important. With MergeBoard's review progress tracking features you will never have to review the same line of code twice. Easily save 25% time without sacrificing quality.
Plugins Coming Soon
Your code review process is not compatible with MergeBoard? No problem, you can add your own logic to tailor the review process to your needs. Do you have special rules when a merge request should be considered approved? Want to send an email notification to your QA team when the developers accepted the merge request? Just override the existing logic.
MergeBoard offers a wide range of integrations with DevOp platforms, CI pipelines, issue trackers and static code analyzers. Keep using the tools you deem most suitable and simply enable their integrations. MergeBoard shows you all information in one place so that you can quickly act without switching tools.

See MergeBoard in Action

Changing an existing workflow in an enterprise environment isn’t simple and needs some preparation. We therefore want to make sure that you experience the benefits from day one when switching to MergeBoard.

Schedule a demo call with us so that we can find out how MergeBoard can help your business and to make a potential migration as easy as possible. Together with our optional workshops we can quickly boost the performance of your software development teams.