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Complex Requirements Due To Regulations

When developing software in regulated fields, ensuring the quality and correctness of your code is a top priority. No matter if safety or security is your concern, many certifications and their standards demand code reviews. Typical examplres are DO-178C for avionics, ISO 26262 & ISO 20246 for automotive or PCI DSS for financial software.

Coming up with processes that cover all the mandated requirements is challenging, and most code review tools won’t help you either. They either do not cover all the review types you may need (e.g. full code reviews), do not collect the required metrics or can’t generate a report about the review. Even if it’s just the lack of support for a review checklist, you may end up filling out a form on a piece of paper to be compliant - a far cry from the modern software development process you’re aiming for.

  • Regulations like DO-178C, ISO 26262 or PCI DSS
  • Complex processes not supported by tools
  • Half-baked, self-developed solutions
  • Lots of manual work to comply with regulations

Efficient ComplianceComing Soon

Ready To Start
Whether you need a peer/buddy based delta review, a full code review or a checklist based review - MergeBoard offers all the functionality you need to get started. Stop switching between different tools just to be compliant. Make your code reviews efficient.
Configurable & Simple
MergeBoard offers many customization options to adapt to your unique code review workflow. This doesn't mean that MergeBoard is difficult to use though. Our user interface is intuitive and only as complex as your specific workflow requires.
Metrics & Reports
Need a proof that your code was properly reviewed? Let MergeBoard collect all required statistics and generate a report about the review activities with just one click. You have the peace of mind that all processes have been followed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make MergeBoard the leading review tool for regulated markets. We are always looking for industry partners that share their requirements with us and help our tool to adapt to all the unique review processes out there.

Give us a call and we will analyze how far MergeBoard can already support you. We are also open to cooperations to make sure that MergeBoard makes your very own review workflow as efficient as possible.