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MergeBoard enhances your familiar unified diff by analyzing the structure of your source code instead of just treating it as text. This makes it possible to hide irrelevant modifications, such as style changes or invariant changes, highlight those that are rather hard to spot and even group similar changes.


Certain refactorings, like renaming a variable, lead to a high number of changed lines and make it easy to overlook other changes. MergeBoard solves this issue for you by grouping similar changes together and assigning them the same color. You can skip these changes directly while scrolling, even without reading the text again!

Moved Code

Surely you know the situation when a block of code has been moved, but you can’t be sure that it doesn’t contain additional changes to the logic. MergeBoard makes checking this super easy by showing you exactly how code is moved and whether it contains changes.


Whether you use a code formatter or prefer to make such adjustments manually, styling changes can improve the readability of your code, but they also make your diff more complicated to understand, even if they don’t affect the logic. MergeBoard helps you by filtering these unrelated changes out again.

Integrates with the tools you use

Use MergeBoard to accelerate your code reviews while keeping your existing tools and workflows. We focus on providing you with best review experience and integrate with your existing software instead of trying to replace them.

Never review the same code twice!

Reviewing large changes can be difficult, especially if they cannot be split into smaller commits. You can easily lose track and forget which code segments you’ve already reviewed. With MergeBoard, you never have to review a piece of code twice: Simply mark which lines you have already checked and continue reviewing at a later time. This even works if a new revision is pushed in the meantime!

Multiline Comments

Writing prose to explain how to achieve a particular error condition is tedious and can lead to misunderstandings. With MergeBoard you can simply reference any number of lines in your comment, even across files, to make it crystal clear what you are referring to.

All info in one place

Using MergeBoard does not mean that you have to say goodbye to your familiar tools. Our software integrates well with external issue trackers, CI platforms and code analyzers to show you all relevant information in one place. Whether you want to block merges until the CI succeeds, close bugs after a merge or automatically track review time in your issue tracker, MergeBoard has you covered.

See who is needed to progress

As revisions pile and discussions grow, remembering who needs to act next might actually become hard. It does not have to be: MergeBoard uses a two-step process for change requests in which developers mark them as solved and reviewers as approved. It is therefore always clear who needs to act next and you can directly see in the dashboard where you are needed.

Pros from a business perspective

MergeBoard not only makes your software developers' lives easier, but also brings measurable benefits to your business. Code reviews take up a significant amount of time and are mentally exhausting. With MergeBoard you can get the benefits of code reviews, like knowledge sharing and fewer bugs, without some of the typical disadvantages. Give your developers the opportunity to do what they really like: writing code and implementing exciting features.

Save precious developer time

Avoid bugs and program errors

Reduce stress and cognitive overload

Achieve your business goals

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