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Delivering quality is vital for competitveness

Developing software in a small or medium sized business comes with unique challenges. Your resources are scarce and you are under constant pressure to meet your next deadline. Delays to the project plan can have a serious impact on your small budget. Delivering high-quality results while being efficient is therefore the key to success.

Code reviews can quickly become a nuisance in these situations, but they are needed to ensure quality and a working product. Skipping them would create more issues down the road.

  • Development resources are scarce
  • Quality is vital for competitiveness
  • Code reviews take a lot of time

Develop Software Faster

Faster Reviews
Review 22% fewer lines of code on average! Our unique change visualization hides changes that don't affect the program flow, so you can focus on what's important. With MergeBoard's review progress tracking features you will never have to review the same line of code twice. Easily save 25% time without sacrificing quality.
Fewer Bugs
MergeBoard makes it easy to spot bugs introduced by refactorings. Whether it is an unintentional change inside a moved block of code or a typo in a rename. By using static code analysis we can highlight changes that usually get lost in reviews. Reduce the bug hunting time and invest it in new features.
Less Stress
MergeBoard's mission is to assist developers during reviews by providing them with the information they need. We achieve this by adding visual annotations to the code changes, so developers can understand them faster and have less to remember. This reduces their cognitive load and leads to less stress.

What Our Customers Say

Introducing new tools is a decision not taken lightly when the budget is small and deadlines are tight. You want to make sure you’re getting an actual advantage and might be skeptical of marketing claims. We therefore want to give you the chance to listen to one of our small business customers.

AKENI is a development agency with 5 software developers, building individualized software solutions in the areas of sales, recruiting and marketing. They have been working with some of their customers for over ten years. In this video they share how MergeBoard helped them spend less time on debugging their code.